Career Coaching & Interview Skills

Mary Curran Coaching

Are you happy in your career? How much passion do you have for what you do? Little or none perhaps? It could be that you have outgrown your career and that it is time to move to something different. Or simply it could be a case that you just have to make some small but specific adjustments in order to get the ideal mix that will bring you the fulfilment you desire and deserve. The average person will spend 100,000 hours of their life at work. That is too long spent in a career that does not fulfil them. In life, everyone strives and searches for ways to be significant and contribute to society. I believe everyone can find the Career they love. I specialise in Career Coaching and Finding the Career you Love.

What stands in the way of a fulfilling career?

Many of the reasons why people refrain from taking action in their careers include fear, uncertainty and doubt. Sometimes when a career is no longer satisfying, they find themselves wanting to wait until their situation improves on its own, and in many cases it does; their careers do improve; but in many cases they do not. The job offers them the security of a set income every week. Many people feel trapped in their jobs because they do not have the time or energy to look for another one. They worry whether their next job will be any better and if they will still get paid their current salary.

What are the benefits?

Career coaching works because it involves assessing your personal situation and will help you to:

Find out what is missing from your current job that will make you happy.
Have a better understanding of your values and why they are vital to job satisfaction.
Overcome that feeling of just not knowing what you should be doing with your life by discovering your Life Purpose.
Have renewed confidence in your abilities to work better.
Overcome weaknesses and fears that may be holding back your career (e.g. fear of public speaking, communication, time management).
Manifest successful outcomes in and outside of your career.

Psychometric Profiling

A career coach may include psychometric profiling as part of a career coaching programme or as a stand-alone service. The psychometric tests used and the biographical questionnaire, provide an in-depth insight into an individual’s personality, natural strengths, motivators and development areas. A career coach will give detailed one-to-one feedback sessions to discuss the results and explore potential development areas as well as producing an in-depth report.

Interview Skills

We also offer Interview Skills for Clients who are changing careers.

Why come to me for career coaching?

The four main reasons that Clients come to me for Career Change: I personally have changed career three times. I have been very successful in previous careers, however not fulfilled. Big difference- I now enjoy the career I love for the last 19 years and feel very fulfilled. I know and am very familiar with the pain during this journey and the pleasure at the end. Here are the four main reasons that Clients come to me for Career Coaching:


Some Clients are brilliant at the work they do; however they feel that they are not reaching their potential, and don’t particularly love their work, however, the monetary value of what they are paid, equals a very fulfilling personal life. These Clients exist in the “Comfort Zone”, where the pain and pleasure are equal.

When I work with these Clients, it is very important to move them using the powerful questions in coaching, to a place where the pain and pleasure is not equal anymore. In coaching, without emotion, there will be no transformation taking place. When they recognise that the pain of staying in the comfort zone is not worth missing the opportunity that lies ahead, they move.


Other Clients know that they hate their work/career, however they love the “Physical Environment”. Please be aware, your work/career is the actual work you carry out every day. A lot of people mix up their work with their “Physical Environment”. Your “Physical Environment” consists of:

• The people you work with.
• The Aesthetics of the place.
• The conditions of employment. These Clients can stay a long time in this place, until they learn to listen to their passion and then decide to change career.


Other Clients, know that they love their work/career, however they hate their “Physical Environment”. Examples:

• They are been bullied.
• Their bosses are constantly changing the “Goal Posts”.
• They are asked to work more hours than they signed up to on their working conditions.
• The place is a mess, cold and not welcoming.
These Clients again, will stay a long time, however eventually, they, through the power of a Career Coach will decide to be true to themselves and move on.


Peer Pressure:

They completed a degree in a certain area due to “Peer Pressure” They were not sure of what they wanted to do, so they “Went with the Crowd”, being the most secure thing to do. These are the four areas that are involved in Career Coaching. Here are some excellent reasons for a career change and ultimately finding the career one loves.

“Life is Precious” and for this reason it is paramount that we love the work we do.

Life is not about living for “Friday” and the weekends. Life is about “Living in the moment and loving every precious moment”.

When people find the “Career they love”, they feel worthwhile and know that they can make a difference in this world.

You are never again a “Clock Watcher”, and you never “resent your time”. You are working from your “Best Self” and will excel in whatever you do.