Performance Coaching

If you have a job which includes responsibility for the performance of others and you have to work with them day to day, you will know it can be the hardest and most time-consuming part of the job.

Believe it or not, noone gets up in the morning and decides to be the company driftwood but something happens on the way into work!

People, as a rule, do not purposely give a bad performance – but ‘stuff’ can get in the way – stuff that they will probably never tell their manager or supervisor about because half the time they do not actually know the cause themselves.

Getting top performance from people consistently

An objective outsider with no ego, knowledge of internal politics or axe to grind can help to see past blind spots and provide support for employees to be all they can be – every day. Coaching is not a replacement for the Performance Management system but can greatly enhance it.

It works to identify what is getting in the way of achieving what is required and putting strategies in place to eliminate them, without fear of reprisal or looking stupid.

How can a performance coach help you?

Performance coaching works because it involves assessing your personal situation and will help you to:

  • Explore the mental blocks to achieving excellence and realising potential
  • Define appropriate approachs to dealing with daily tasks that may cause undue frustration, broken relationships, missed performance, poor quality, and recurrent errors
  • Engage others by giving effective feedback, enabling action, encouraging development, and tracking results
  • Increase competence and overcome barriers to improving performance