Life Coaching

We all crave vibrant health, unique self-expression, meaningful work and fulfilling relationships. We long to play, love, relax, contribute and adventure. Yet, few of us know how to design a well-balanced, fully-expressed and deeply satisfying life.

Life coaching is for people who have reached a point in their lives where they feel the need to make changes. This may be due to: stress at work or home, having a new baby, divorce, redundancy, setting up a new business, managing your work life balance, or just wanting to simplify your life. Some however, simply feel a general feeling of unease that won’t go away. They may have tried some external ways to eliminate these feelings, such as changing jobs, but somehow they find the old nagging feeling returns of “is this it?”

How can a life coach help you?

Life coaching works because it involves assessing your personal situation and will help you to :

  • Achieve creative goal setting – thinking out of the box.
  • Re-programme your approach to life.
  • Understand your fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Release and build your personal potential.
  • Harness the power and mechanics of positive thinking.
  • Plan the life you want to live.
  • Create your personal world that you want to live in.

Working with a life coach, you will focus on what is working and build on that. If you do not know what you want in your life, you will explore that. If you do know what you want, you will begin to make new choices and create new habits. Life coaching builds a bridge between where you are and where you want to be – moving from great to brilliant.