From Recession To Renewal

In to-days environment, everyone is called upon to take a discerning look at themselves and their potential.  Everyone has to move from their “Comfort Zone”.

I offer the following steps to question, innovate your curiosity, introduce conceptual thinking, and create a lot of awareness, in an effort to encourage you to beat this recession and to achieve happiness and fulfilment in every area of your life.

As I am fed up hearing the letter “R” referring  to “Recession”,  I invite you to take a fresh look at your lives using all “R” words to create happiness and fulfilment in your everyday life.

  1. Reflect – Take a moment to reflect on where you are right now.  Are you happy or sad?
  2. Regret – Make a list of any regrets about what you have not done, what you have missed out on or on something that you said to somebody when you were angry?
  3. Resent – Do you resent where you are right now in your life.   Take some steps in order to move your resentment into acceptance.
  4. Resist – Are you resisting anything right now.  Do you find that you are making excuses, instead of facing the reality of where you are and what you can do to change the things you would like to change?
  5. Re-play – Do you replay programmes of any events in your past life over and over again?  Do you forget about the positive events and allow yourself play the negative ones over and over again.
  6. Recognise – It is time to recognise where are you to-day in your life?  Are you in a Career that you love, or is it time to start looking elsewhere.  What are your strengths and weaknesses? Have you been made redundant and what is your plan.
  7. Re-Invent – How can you re-Invent yourself?  Please think carefully on ways in which you can re-invent yourself.  What do you need to stop doing and what do you need to start doing?
  8. Re-Structure – How can you re-Structure your life?  What are the steps you need to take?  Remember, there are steps to failure and there are also steps to success.  You can choose either way.
  9. Re-Programme – How can you re-programme your mind to be positive, spontaneous, and creative in order for you to take action?  In to-days climate, it is essential that we focus on the things that are within our control.  To work and give our energy and attention to the positives and no thoughts or energy to the negatives.
  10. Re-Act – Remember when you re-act to somebody or a situation you are given away your control.  Always respond and never re-act. Become completely in control of how and when you respond to what is happening in your life and to other people.
  11. Re-Own – It is now time to re-own your “Personal Power” and act in congruency with your Values.  Refer to where you were in the “Tiger Economy” and where you are now.
  12. Reward – It is now time to look for different rewards for the work you do.  Living in the “Tiger Economy” we focused some of the time on the “Financial Rewards”. Now we are being challenged into looking for different (even more fulfilling) rewards for what we are contribution to the world.  Spend time on this.