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Accelerate Your Coaching To The Next Level

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From Great to Brilliant

Calling all qualified coaches who wish to become their best!!

Aims of the one day workshop

  • Additional skills to enable you to move from great to brilliant as a coach.  Identifying the competencies of a coach and working to enhance your skills.
  • To work together in “Triads” and experience the “Transformational  Shift “ which takes place in  coaching.
  • To participate in dialogue and conversation on “Why be a Coach, or a Helper?”.
  • To experience and learn the different stages of development as a Coach, with the help of a supervisor.
  • To engage and learn two new models which can be used in coaching and in supervision.
  • Up to date information on what is happening in the world of coaching.
  • To assist you in establishing your own “Personal Brand” for today’s economic climate.


  • To be able to access a great coaching state.
  • To be able to move from driving change to facilitating planned awareness and change
  • To understand the conversations which move you from content to structure.
  • To have refined your coaching and awareness skills.

Accelerate Your Coaching To The Next Level


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Read what some people have said about Mary Curran's Relationship Coaching in the past
Mary Curran Online
Fantastic sessions of relationship coaching.  I found it great for personal development.  The new skills and tools that I have learnt can be taken into my relationships, my home and professional life. Brilliant!!

Mary Curran Online
I attended Mary Curran for 4 Sessions of Relationship Coaching.  My Agenda and Goal was to work with Mary on my Relationship with men.

I had patterns of being in “Toxic Relationships” and I really wanted to meet someone who I could have a long sustainable and loving relationship.

Through the process of Coaching with Mary, I entered into a world of discovery, identifying my beliefs that were limiting, looking at old patterns, working with my doubts and fears and lastly working on my values and what type of man I would like to attract into life.

As Mary says – “You cannot find what you’re looking for, if you do not know your target”.

I am now in a loving and supportive relationship.  If I had not worked with  Mary, I am sure I would still be attracting “Toxic Relationships” into my life.

I am now so much more self-aware, confident and very, very happy.

Mary is simply amazing and I would highly recommend Mary as one of the best Relationship Coaches in Ireland.

Thank you Mary.


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