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Customer Service Training Creating Excellence

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Proposed Approach

This course is conducted on a workshop basis to facilitate maximum participation by the participants, to increase their awareness of the needs of customers both from customer and business perspectives.

Course Duration

2  days Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday


  • To improve communication skills through face to face interaction with customers
  • For participants to understand every employee carries responsibility for achieving excellence in Customer Service.
  • To teach participants how to ‘walk the talk’ of Customer Service.


  • To learn how to respond positively to every customer, every time, every day.
  • To learn how to identify ways in the business environment, how to make business transactions pleasant for customers.
  • To improve standards at every work station, at individual level.
Read what some people have said about Mary Curran's Relationship Coaching in the past
Mary Curran Online
Fantastic sessions of relationship coaching.  I found it great for personal development.  The new skills and tools that I have learnt can be taken into my relationships, my home and professional life. Brilliant!!

Mary Curran Online
I attended Mary Curran for 4 Sessions of Relationship Coaching.  My Agenda and Goal was to work with Mary on my Relationship with men.

I had patterns of being in “Toxic Relationships” and I really wanted to meet someone who I could have a long sustainable and loving relationship.

Through the process of Coaching with Mary, I entered into a world of discovery, identifying my beliefs that were limiting, looking at old patterns, working with my doubts and fears and lastly working on my values and what type of man I would like to attract into life.

As Mary says – “You cannot find what you’re looking for, if you do not know your target”.

I am now in a loving and supportive relationship.  If I had not worked with  Mary, I am sure I would still be attracting “Toxic Relationships” into my life.

I am now so much more self-aware, confident and very, very happy.

Mary is simply amazing and I would highly recommend Mary as one of the best Relationship Coaches in Ireland.

Thank you Mary.


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