Give no time to that “Gremlin”

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Have you ever wonderegive-no-time-to-the-gremlinsd what stops you from taking action immediately?  For me, anytime I want to start something new, or do something different, the little voice enters and says something like “Don’t do that” or “Nobody will be interested”…

Recently, I decided to book a night for a Re-Union.  I wanted to invite all the lovely people who worked with me over the last ten years and qualified as Life and Business Coaches.

At first the “Gremlin” was very active.  Once again, I found myself asking, “are you going to give the Gremlin any time”.

As a Coach, I decided along time ago to give my “Gremlin” a name.  I picked “Snow Flake” as when I receive a message from the “Gremlin” – i say to it “Go away Snow Flake”.  Immediately, the thought and the vision of my Gremlin disipates in front of me.

It is very important for everyone to pick a name for their “Gremlin”.  It must be a name that holds no emotion, like a Cartoon Character, or an object.  The mind can only think one thought at a time, so when you are telling the “Gremlin” to go away, you can come back to thinking positive thoughts again.

I am delighted to say that I did not give my “Gremlin” any time and commenced calling all the people that I have worked with over the last ten years.  To my great delight, there are more people attending this Re-Union than I could have every imagined.

So for this month, please ask yourself

Who is running your life and driving the bus – you or the “Gremlin”?

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