Mary Curran Coaching

A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem". This saying appears in the dialogue Republic, by the ancient Greek Philosopher Plato. As we find ourselves today in a place of uncertainty, we need to revisit our needs, values and focus on what we can do. A lot of us focus on "what we can do nothing about", which leads to stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed.


The Coronavirus is without doubt going to affect our "work life balance" and for some of us our career.


There are only two things in life that we "HAVE TO DO" and they are - pay our taxes and die. Everything else is a choice. We have a choice to do something about the Coronavirus Epidemic right now. We can bury our heads under a blanket and hope it will eventually go away, or we can take action now and focus on what we can do something about, no matter how small. It is time to be creative, "think outside the box" and take action.


I specialise in "Career Coaching" on a one to one basis. I coach Clients by SKYPE AND ZOOM. I have coached Clients from America, South Africa, Germany and England by SKYPE. I am now offering my perspective Clients in Ireland the choice to be coached by SKYPE OR ZOOM. I use the exact same coaching process, when I coach Clients face to face as I do online. I am responding to change and focusing on what I can to something about. I am missing the hugs, the shaking of hands, however I believe we are all learning to break bad habits.


I am convinced some good is going to come out of this epidemic. Already, my son told me that he has stopped biting his nails because of the epidemic. Personal hygiene is improving throughout the world. People are re-evaluating their needs and values. People are taking the opportunity to explore their career options and some are deciding now is the time to change career.


I was coaching a gentleman on "Career Change". On his first session he shared with me that he was at the top level of his career in the company and was now bored and unfulfilled. He also mentioned that the company was very good to him and that he felt guilty about looking for another job and going for interviews. On the second session he waked in the door and said "I have a disaster", I was made redundant!! I immediately reframed. What an "opportunity". Now you don"t have to feel guilty.

You have the time to give freely to finding the fulfilling career that you are seeking. This is an example of "Reframing". As we go through the next few months, become aware of our belief system, tell the "Gremlin" to go away and only focus on what we can do something about.

I invite you to start a habit of being grateful, being present and focusing on what you "Can" do something about.