Shifting your thoughts and your energy in order to manifest

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Shifting-your-thoughts-and-your-energy-in-order-to-manifestDo you ever have a day when you get out of bed and feel that it is going to be a bad day and then everything goes against you?

As a Coach, I believe that you can change what is going to happen to you at any time of any day.

I would like to share with you a day last week, when everything seemed to be going wrong and I changed the outcome.

I was looking forward to another day at work and coaching two Clients.

Five minutes to the time of my first Client, I got a phone call to say that she needed to reschedule.  I was a little disappointed as I was very much looking forward to working with this Client.

Then, a person who was going to work on a project with me, decided to back out at the last minute.

As I was driving my car out through the gateway on my way home, I scraped the left hand side of my car.

This was beginning to look like a “Bad Hair Day”!

As a Coach, I decided to immediately start saying positive affirmations, one after the other, I ran through my mind everything that I was grateful for, and as you can only think one thought at a time, my energy started to rise, I practiced breathing out my frustration and breathing in happiness.

On my journey home, my mobile rang. I did not answer as I was driving.

As I entered my house, I was feeling a lot better.

When I played my messages back, this is what I heard!

“Hello Mary, I do not know if you remember me.  My name is… I came to you for coaching a few years ago.  I worked with you on finding my fulfilling career and also finding my ideal partner in life.

I would like to let you know that everything I wrote down on that chair in front of you has come true.  I am working in a very fulfilling career and I have met the most wonderful partner.

The reason I am calling you is because I am so busy, I need to work on my ‘work life balance’.  You are a great example of this, so hence my phone call.”

We are all energy beings on this earth having a human experience.  We all vibrate.

Caution:  Please note, you could say all the affirmations in the world, to attract in what you want, however, should your energy not be positive and high, you will not attact anything that you desire.

Lean to become aware of your thoughts and energy.  Every thought you have, affect your emotions which in turn will bring about different action and different results.

So change your thoughts and you can change your life!

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