Mary Curran Video Testimonials.

Mary Curran Testimonials.

I had considered professional & personal coaching for some time as I had not yet been convinced of its practical benefit. Fortunately, Mary was recommended to me by a fellow business professional this past year and has turned out to play a massive role in navigating my career path. Mary is pragmatic and experienced, as a long-time business owner herself, and so I was at ease from our first meeting and knew that I was in good hands from the outset. Approaching one of the early sessions, I completed a task in advance, however, it was intended that we work through it during our session. I was pleasantly surprised at how narrow my own attempt was versus the output when Mary coached me through it. It was unexpectedly reassuring, seeing very directly the benefit of the coaching. I will continue to keep a link with Mary as I continue through my career and am grateful for her coaching.
- Roisin M.

Mary is simply the best! I completed Mary's Life and business coaching diploma in 2016 which three years later lead me to writing my MBA dissertation on how Executive Coaching impacts on employee performance in the Financial Services Sector. I also attend the monthly Coaches book club for CPD founded by and run by Mary. This allows us all to keep current and meet to discuss Coaching issues. Mary is an innovative thinker, a coach who challenges with passion and compassion to ensure her client can be the best they can be. I have been taught by the best.
- Jerry O'Connell, MBA, MSc, CPA, Executive Coach.

We have used Mary Curran many times to help us with our training needs and found her to be extremely insightful and very quickly able to understand the needs of our operation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mary in her role as a coach or as a training facilitator.
- Steve McGettigan, Director of Marketing and Communications, Sims IVF.

Working with Mary has enabled me to get clarity around what I love to do and has given me a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm for my work. Mary is no push-over and she certainly challenged me when I didn't want to face an unpleasant truth. All-in-all, a very worthwhile experience and great value-for-money. I couldn't recommend Mary highly enough for anyone who is wondering what direction to take in their career and life.
- Grainne Kennedy.

Truly inspirational and well worth flying from Germany to attend the Career Coaching sessions. This course is highly recommendable to anybody who has worked in the same job for more than a decade, seeking inspiration or possibly considering a career move. Mary's "Big Picture" approach and long-term experience shows in every way while she guides you through each of the session. Both the course and Mary exceeded my expectations on all levels. Thanks to you, I am currently in the process of locking down my dream job!
- C McDonagh.

We are a registered Training Centre in Mayo Abbey, Claremorris Co Mayo. In December 2014 we were successful in tendering for EWM Revival Skills Training Programme. This course was aimed at supporting women into employment through an individualised support and training programme and also paired volunteer mentors with participants. After research and through high recommendation we sought the services of Mary Curran, Executive Coach, Trainer and Supervisor" from the Centre for Professional & Personal Development to deliver the Mentor/Coaching training.

This involved the delivery of Coaching Models of Practice Level 6 Component (6N3087) to a total of 25 women in the Westport area Co Mayo over a period of 6 weeks. This included all preparation, training delivery, assessment and also all aspects of certification and communication with all participants. Upon successful completion of the programme we truly feel we couldn't have asked for a better provider in Mary Curran, Executive Coach, Trainer and Supervisor" from the Centre for Professional & Personal Development. Our needs and expectations were surpassed which meant that all participants completed the course successfully.

We feel Mary Curran, Executive Coach, Trainer and Supervisor" from the Centre for Professional & Personal Development is a first-class facilitator and the level of professionalism could be seen from start to finish. It is obvious from individual feedback that the quality of the programme was exceptional which we feel illustrates the attention to detail and level of hard work and commitment by the provider as a facilitator and as a tutor. We hope to be fortunate enough to work with Mary Curran, Executive Coach, Trainer and Supervisor" from the Centre for Professional & Personal Development in the future again.
- Nicola McGuinness, Training Co-Ordinator.

We are very proud of being one of two Solicitors firms in Ireland to have achieved the "Excellence through People Award". Mary's Coaching Skills has contributed enormously to our teamwork in this company, and as a result has added value throughout our business. We will continue to work with Mary as we grow and develop our Business into the future.
- Paul W. Tracey Solicitors.

I attended Mary Curran for 4 Sessions of Relationship Coaching. My Agenda and Goal was to work with Mary on my Relationship with men. I had patterns of being in "Toxic Relationships" and I really wanted to meet someone who I could have a long sustainable and loving relationship.

Through the process of Coaching with Mary, I entered into a world of discovery, identifying my beliefs that were limiting, looking at old patterns, working with my doubts and fears and lastly working on my values and what type of man I would like to attract into life. As Mary says - "You cannot find what you're looking for, if you do not know your target".

I am now in a loving and supportive relationship. If I had not worked with Mary, I am sure I would still be attracting "Toxic Relationships" into my life. I am now so much more self-aware, confident and very, very happy. Mary is simply amazing, and I would highly recommend Mary as one of the best Relationship Coaches in Ireland. Thank you, Mary.
- Monica H.

Fantastic sessions of relationship coaching. I found it great for personal development. The new skills and tools that I have learnt can be taken into my relationships, my home and professional life. Brilliant!!
- M Donoghue.

I am very happy to recommend Mary Curran. Mary's approach and style is extremely professional. The delivery of the Diploma in Business and Life Coaching carried out by Mary is underpinned by encouragement, and the promotion of self-confidence. Mary invites you to step out of your comfort zone whilst increasing your use of powerful questioning and deep listening. It is an extremely enlightening journey.
- David McConn. CEO, The Dualway Group.

Mary is an excellent Coach who has a unique approach to her coaching style. Mary has delivered programmes for us into both the financial industry and multinational companies, with the aim of helping their managers create a coaching culture. The feedback from our clients was fantastic.

The clients loved the Temperament Profile day and the managers continue to apply the insights daily that they gained from this programme. The comments that came back to us was that it was life changing and they felt they could use these insights not only in the workplace but in their everyday lives. We would highly recommend Mary for delivering programmes into any work environment.
- Rachel Banks - Partner,Aston Collins Ltd.