The Power of Affirmations – Finding a “Car Space”

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The-Power-of-AffirmationsFinding a “Car Space”.

Having had two big disappointments with looking for a car space, I decided to trust in the Universe even more.

I was saying my affirmation that I would find a “Car Space” suitable for me.  A “Car Space”, where it would be easy to park and easy to reverse.

The first “Car Space”, was so tight that every single car in the “Car Space” had a scratch to the side of their car, so I handed back the key.

The second “Car Space” was easy to enter (once there was no car parked opposite the space), however when a car was parked opposite the entrance, it was impossible to enter or leave.

I scratched my car leaving this “Car Space” and I was very upset.  I handed back the Pod.


This is where my believe in the Universe came in.  I shared with a friend my visualisation of a “Car Space” with plenty of space to reverse and park, and my friend very kindly, however sincerely, said to me “You will not get a “Car Space” like this in Dublin 2 area.


At first, I was quite upset about this and asked myself was I only dreaming.

However, I found myself going behind the mind of a Coach and asking myself is this true?  Are you going to take on a belief from someone else or are you going to ‘practice what you preach”?


At this moment, I decided to start my Affirmation – I am now attracting a fabulous “Car Space” with plenty of room to reverse and park.  I said this many times a day with lots of emotion.  I also visualised the space.

The next day after I had talked to my friend, on my way to work, I saw a “Car Space” area and I wondered –  “are there any “Car Spaces” available in this location”?

I went on the Internet and searched  I found 11 “Car Spaces” available.  I emailed all of these and made a phone call to each one.

I received only two phone calls.

One person offered me a “Car Space” in a very isolated back entrance lane way, which I declined.

The other person offered me a “Car Space” exactely where my attention had been drawn to, on my way to work.

I am now occuping a “Car Space”, where I have plenty of room to reverse and park.

This re-enforces my belief in the power of affirmations.

Caution:  Never give up on your belief, even when another person offers to squash that belief.

Continue to trust the Universe, say your affirmations with belief, vision and emotion and you can manifest anything you want to attract.

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