Mary Curran Coaching

Career coaching involves four sessions of coaching. Before the first session, you are sent a link to complete a "Temperament Profile Test" on line. This test emphasizes your talents, your temperament and also how well you are suited to the work you are doing at the moment and how you communicate with your working colleagues. The Coach will study this report before your first session. The first session is an hour and a half, and the following three sessions are between an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.


On the first session, we take a helicopter view of the Client’s life, taking into account all areas of their life, as each area has an impact on the next. We work together and deal with any doubts, fears, self-limiting beliefs that the Client might be holding in their subconscious mind. The first session is an explorative session and the Client leaves with some questions to answer. The agenda is the Clients and the Coach works with whatever area the Client chooses. Sometimes, it can be more than one area.


On the second session, the Client comes back with some answers from the first session as regards Career Change. The Coach also works with the Client to clear any fears, self-limiting beliefs or doubts that the Client might be holding onto. The Client leaves with additional questions to answer on Career Change.


On the third session, by answering certain questions, during the coaching sessions and also from the work the Client has completed, the Client will have reached clarity regarding what direction to take. The Client will become aware of their challenges, their competing commitments and the reasons why they are where they are both professionally and personally at the moment. We, then together, start to commence the steps going forward in the direction the Client wishes to go. - The "How" becomes easy. We work with the Client’s mind-set, what behavioural changes the Client would like to make, and together we focus on the Clients strengths, options and opportunities to empower the Client to reach their desired outcome.


On the last session, we work on "Primary Focus Goals" for the following six months ahead including setting the Career Plan.

The investment for the four sessions including the Temperament Profile Test is €800.00. Cheque/Cash or Bank Transfer are acceptable as the means of payment.